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creativeOrganizer is dedicated to creating organized lifestyles for families. Deborah Kawashima, an organizing consultant, works with parents, kids, teens and college-aged students, setting them up for success and teaching them the success skills they need to make “being organized” a real-life habit. Deborah organizes for the home; including kids rooms, playrooms, family rooms, garages and home-offices, moving her clients from a mess to less stress!

With a professional background as a designer, Deborah understands the needs of the creative process and specializes in working with creative professionals.

The biggest gift any parent can give their child, is to set them up for success. Are you setting your kids up for success? Your organizing styles are formed in childhood. Everything we do is built upon this foundation. Making organizing a habit, is a success skill that is learned. Learning organizing strategies as a kid, sets them up for success in life, so they feel confident about themselves and do well in school.

Feeling swamped, but still get so little done? Your time is your life. As a parent, are you making effective use of your time? If busyness takes over, you end up not getting the right things done. Deborah teaches you organizing strategies to schedule your time effectively so that you can go beyond the busyness of routine tasks that take-up your day.

Learn how to ask yourself questions that get you to:

  • set priorities so you have time for work, yourself and your kids.
  • get the right things done.
  • move forward with your lifetime goals. Write that novel or take that idea and turn it into a business, now!

Deborah moves her clients from a mess to less stress, teaching them the principals of her organizing approach, Think Differently! Deborah works with families to create an organized environment that considers everyone’s organizing styles. She clears out the clutter, organizes the space and makes it easy for everyone to find and use their stuff and develop real-life habits to stay organized.

Families start thinking differently about their time, space and stuff and learn how to:

  • find a “home” for all their stuff.
  • get into the real-life habit of being organized.
  • maintain an organized lifestyle together.
  • manage their time and their space better.
  • set priorities and get the right things done.

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