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"I cannot say enough about Deborah and her organizational skills! She came in to our home, and one by one, fixed all of our clutter! Starting with our bedroom closet and dressers, then moving out to the office area, hallway closet, the entry closet, the large storage pantry, food pantry and finally, my two young daughters bedroom closet. And we are happy to say, with the storage solutions she gave us, everything has stayed as organized as the time it was done! The best has been our daughter’s closet. All the toys, clothes and shoes now have a place to go, and it is easy to clean up and keep it all in order! I never thought that this could be possible, but it is! My life is so much easier with the tools Deborah gave me! Thank you, Deborah, I highly recommend you to anyone!"

Mary, mother of girls, ages 1.5 and 3, Los Angeles, California

"At first I was somewhat defensive about changing my habits, but working with Deborah was a pleasure. Now, I can find things in my closet, things I didn’t even know I had! The systems Deborah created are easy to maintain and made me see how much easier life is when I'm organized. The amount of time saved is great! I feel much more ordered and centered in my closet and in my life."

Lesia A., Pacific Palisades, CA

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Your "get right into it" approach and your enthusiasm, warmth and lack of judgment of my big piles was truly powerful. I wanted you to know that since we worked together I have cleared out my entire in-box and integrated it into the Take Action folder which is going with me everywhere. It is the place I will go when I have my free moments, free Fridays, etc and I know that everything that I need to do that is important is in there. I'm reading, sending bills, cards etc on the fly. My desk is nearly cleared. I feel focused. I feel empowered and all this happened in our short 2 hour session. You are a miracle worker."

Dawn Andrews, Life & Business Coaching, Los Angeles, California

"I can't tell you how much I enjoyed meeting with you. This was the best gift I could have gave bought for myself. I woke up feeling so motivated. I did a bunch of organizing yesterday after you left and a bit this morning. I can't wait to continue! Thanks again!"

Nicole Giangrosso, Keller-Williams Realtor, Studio City, CA

"I never thought I'd be saying this, but I can't wait to organize my paperwork for taxes next year!!! Every year I dreaded getting the "numbers" together for my accountant. I ended up doing the same thing, even when I knew there had to be a better way. There I'd be, sitting on the floor of my office trying to group together all my receipts! Ugh! Thanks to Deborah's idea for receipt organization, this year will be a breeze! I can't wait! I knew there had to be a better way.... and Deborah had the answer. Thanks so much to Deborah.... Maybe next year I'll get my taxes ready before February!"

Suanne Diamond Rood, Rood and Associates, Los Angeles, California

"I was awash in a sea of paper and so overwhelmed that I couldn't see where I came from or where I was going. Deborah helped me sort through it all and created systems I could maintain myself. For the first time in years I feel on top of things. Also, my writing was stuck in a rut. During the process, I uncovered some old story ideas I came up with several years ago. Now I have fresh inspiration for new writing projects! Thank you Deborah!"

Faith, Screenwriter, Los Angeles

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"Deborah is absolutely the best, most reliable, hard working and conscientious organizer we could ever have hoped for. In only a couple of days she completely moved my 97 year old aunt from her home she had been living in for over 25 years, into a much smaller assisted living facility. My aunt is now completely organized and the closet and shelf build outs and other great conveniences which Deborah designed and had installed, enabled my aunt to quickly adjust to her new lifestyle. Deborah made the whole moving process quick, easy and much less stressful. Although Deborah's charges were very reasonable, she's worth her weight in gold!"

Marshall, Attorney, Los Angeles, California

"Thanks for making this move a really positive experience! You kept us on track and worked so hard to pack us up. I love all that you’ve done to organize us into our new place."

Elizabeth and John, parents of girls ages 2 and 5, La Cananda, California

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