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Deborah Kawashima, an organizing consultant, works with kids, teens and their parents, to create an organized lifestyle for the home, at school and for their workspaces (specializing in home-offices).

Deborah’s creative background gives her a unique understanding to organizing creative professionals with families, balancing family life with the demands of producing creative projects on tight deadlines.

  • teaches kids and teens organizing strategies to set themselves up for success, for school and life. Creates homework centers and teaches time effectiveness strategies for scheduling school projects and outside activities, organizes kids rooms, closets, playrooms and art centers.
  • sets up the home environment for an organized lifestyle, teaching parents organizing strategies and systems to role-model to their kids and teens, encouraging all family members to understand and accept each others organizing styles.

note ideally starts working with moms and their preschool age children to set up the environment and start the habits young.

  • organizes home-offices into a focused environment, for entrepreneurs with home-based businesses and creative professionals. Deborah teaches them time effectiveness strategies and sets up organizing systems to get the right things done and achieve their work-life balance: being there for their family and growing their business.
  • teaches time effectiveness strategies for parents and entrepreneurs, to learn how to make the best use of their time, strategies to set priorities, get the right things done and work toward their long and short-term goals. Deborah sets up a real-life time schedule and the organizing systems to support it, teaching clients time effectiveness strategies and how-to apply them in their lives, especially when life happens! and schedules change.
  • downsizing for life’s transitions so the process becomes manageable, with less stress. Deborah organizes clients through life’s many in-between transitions; the birth of a newborn, an elderly parent moving in, the death of a loved one, relocations, packing/unpacking, and complete downsizing of lifestyles.

Deborah’s keen sensitivity to her clients needs during these times, creates a safe haven for her clients to go through decades of stuff, at times an emotional journey, and get rid of the clutter, keeping the things that create meaningful memorabilia.

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