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Getting organized is a BIG STEP! As a professional, Deborah values your choice to work with her and takes special care in meeting your needs in a respectful, understanding way.

Getting organized is a process that takes time. Working with a professional organizer makes that organizing process fun and easy! Deborah is committed to making your organizing experience a positive one! She works at YOUR pace and is dedicated to meeting your goals of getting organized!

  • Deborah works with you to stay there and be committed to the process!
  • Deborah is non-judgmental and employs a strict code of ethics.
  • Deborah requests a simple cancellation agreement to be signed before the first session, to insure all parties are clear in their commitment and communication of services requested.

Deborah’s time and yours are valuable. Respectively, Deborah requests that you honor your scheduled appointments, but understands Life happens! If you need to reschedule, kindly notify her in advance.

  • 24 hour cancellation notice is requested.
  • No Shows are charged the 4 hour minimum.
  • a cancellation agreement is signed before the first session.

Deborah holds the highest respect for her client’s privacy. All services rendered are kept highly confidential and private. The goal is to serve the client. Confidentiality agreements are available upon request.

Two types of flexible fee structures are available to meet your needs and customize your sessions; the hourly rate and the package rate.

  • hourly rates fees paid in full upon services rendered.
  • package rates pre-pay for fees in full.
  • checks and credit cards accepted. Bank fees charged on all returned checks. Credit cards pay via PayPal on the website.
  • travel time (half the hourly rate per session) This applies for clients who are located outside a 40 minute driving time from the Studio City area. (includes areas outside Pasadena and the San Fernando Valley.)
  • shopping time (half the hourly rate) charged on a per customer basis, depending on the organizing products and supplies needed.

hourly rates
Lets you make a commitment one session at a time. It allows you the flexibility to pay as you go.

  • 4 hours minimum per session.
  • FYI Most sessions average 4-6 hours, depending upon the job.

package rates
Lets you pre-pay for sessions in advance and schedule appoints on a regular basis. Package rates help you to focus on the organizing task at hand, and schedule weekly to move faster toward your goal!

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